Why Join the CCA?

  • State of the Industry: We work diligently to keep you informed, so you have time to focus on your business.
  • CCA Website: www.chicagocarwash.org.  A consumer friendly site explaining why the public should visit a CCA member’s location, as well as a member’s only secure section just for CCA members.
  • Listing: List your location at no charge in the “Find A Professional Car Wash” consumer search feature.
  • Members Only Section: Features links to social media to promote your wash and events                           
  • GROUP DISCOUNTS–Members only group rate negotiated discounts.
  • INSURANCE: Huge savings on a group negotiated business insurance plans with experts to make sure you have the right coverage.  
  • PROPERTY TAXES: Our CCA affiliated real estate tax attorney will give the largest  deductions for the lowest rate.  Take advantage of pre–negociated deal and large volume discount through the CCA.
  • ELECTRIC AND NATIONAL GAS DISCOUNTS: Above and beyond what any single person could achieve.
  • PHONE SERVICE: Lowest possible rates on phone service through CCA’s pre-negociated rates and volumebuyingplan.
  • CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: Lowest possible rate with an expert to review your situation to insure the best possible program.  Again the volume and pre-negociated program will work for you.

And SO much more!!

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