About CCA

The Chicagoland Car Wash Association was founded in the late 1960’s, and is dedicated to providing the most Professional Car Wash and Detailing experience in our industry.

Our members and their employees are working together to provide the training needed to give our Customers the most professional service possible. We strive to maintain a positive image of the industry. It is a statewide association of individuals working together to provide a strong unified voice for the car wash industry.

Our Goals as an Association:

  • Developing practical business solutions and principals to increase success and profit.
  • Networking to share new ideas and innovative business solutions.
  • Communicating car wash industry advisories and new technologies.
  • Building the public’s awareness, recognition, knowledge and support for the professional car wash.
  • Promoting ethical standards and successful business practices for the benefit of the car wash owner and the customer.

The Chicagoland Car Wash Association is committed to creating an environment of success and professionalism for our members. This mission results in activities and programs that benefit, inform, challenge and encourage our members and the industry as a whole.

We provide our members with programs and services at discount rates. We also provide the opportunity for them to network with other operators as well as manufacturers and suppliers at the quarterly dinners and other events held throughout the year. The quarterly dinners provides members with the opportunity to see the latest technology and developments, and network with other operators and vendors.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote and protect the local professional carwash industry
through effective communication with our members and the motoring public.

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Top Ten Facts

Did you know research shows…

  1. The average professional car wash uses LESS water than many other businesses in a community.
  2. As an example a self serve car wash uses on the average 17-18 gallons of water per car.
  3. The full serve conveyor will use 30 – 40 gallons per car.
  4. An average shower uses 35-40 gallons of water and a top load washer, 35 gallons per load.
  5. Average professional car washes use LESS than .2% of the total municipal water supply.
  6. Residential water use will average 60-70% of which lawn watering is over 50%.
  7. In most cities car washes are not even in the top 1000 of the largest water users.
  8. Individuals washing cars in their driveways or the many charity car washes you see on parking lots are using 100-140 gallons of water per car with an open hose.
  9. Professional car washes water drains into the sanitary sewer that actually replenishes the water system.
  10. Water conservation and efficiency is just good business and economic sense for car wash operators.